Word in šmartinski parish wasn’t at first very inhabited. From Loka to Kranj was a densely forested area, especially Besnica and surrouding areas… In those days the land was ruled with an iron fist. Stronger prevailed over weakers. Who had something wasn’t safe from others who could steal from them… What in small extent ware robbers doing beside roads, the same in bigger extent in there area, many times in more difficult accessable fortresses ware doing so called “knight robbers” (Raubritter), witch have other noblemans and other major owners made lots of harm on there land.

The castle, that made brižinskim bishops made some nuisances was called “Wartenberg”, standing above Koserepom under Šmarjetna gora, on the side facing Kucni, where the remains of the old castle can be seen. Bishop Oton hat bought it for expansive money from Ortenburg count in year 1202 and scatters it. Later the bishops or there allies rebuilt the castle and once again started to make nuisances around Okroglo and Stražišče.

To this day there remains amonst the people tale, that somewhere in the ruins remains a cursed girl in a form of a snake, witch is guarding a treasure, until there comes a boy, who can save her with a certain saying.