Moto club Raubritter

It was around year 1000, when the lords ware affraid of Raubritters (robber knights). They had their own stronghold named Wartenberg at the beggining of Basnica

Their reign lasted for around 200 years, then after approximately 800 years later they appered back in Besnica in a bar called Dvor, at precisely 7p.m. on 28th of december 2002.

„What are those doing at that table?“ ware guest asking, until someone shouted „Raubritter“. Then every one raised their hand and so it was. Raubritters ware born again!

This time without tribal horses and large stronghold. Now they have majestic contraptions with lots of horse power – modern carriages called motorcycles.

This is how motorcycle riders from Besnica, surrounding villages an also a determined motorcycle rider from Ljubljana came together and founded Motorcycle club Raubritter.

Motorcycle riders, wich where riding together and attending moto mettings at home and abroad hat the desire to found Motorcycle club in Besnica, but we always ended by just words. After few years we gatherd courage and entered Motorcycle club Raubritter in register of society at administrative office Kranj.

Motorcycle club has 13 members , wich drive motorcycles of different brands: Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW and others could be find. So that you would easaly destinguish us from others, we put on the back side of our vests our hallmark – night bird (owel) with a sword in its claws.

Every our member recives members card with club picture, leather vest, t-shirt and work jobs and rights. We happily accept new members in our kind.

As every year, also this year we will attend organized motorcylce events at home and abroad, we have also planed one or several days trips in Slovenia and Europe.

Members of motorcycle club Raubritter strive to be role models to younger motorcycle riders in our area and surroudin areas.

Founding members of Motocycle club Raubritter are: Knific Robert, Knific Klemen, Kladušek Igor, Kristan Andrej, Kristan Aleš, Eržžen Miha, Klemenčič Andrej, Knific Maja.